In December 1999, I became President of the Tallahassee Builders Association.  One of my first acts was to meet with the Tallahassee Democrat. The proposal I offered that day was to provide a column on remodeling named

Ask the Remodeler

The idea was to put a half page or more in the Sunday section, twice a month, which would answer questions and provide details regarding working on adapting, modifying, changing, refurbishing, renovating, and sprucing up homes.  Any and all of these simply come under the heading of Remodeling.   And much of what we provided was also useful information, for new home construction, too.

As a charter member of the new Remodelers Council, and former chairman of the council, I encouraged participation from other members, a few of which contributed a column occasionally.  The column ran for 3 ½ years until someone else took the helm of the column for the TBA.

So I’m resurrecting the name and using it for my blog.

We’ll try to add a new blog every week.  We’ve answered so many client questions over the years, that every once in a while we were smart enough to save them, so we’ll also share those with you. We saved a few of the things I wrote in various places, and we’ll dust them off and see if any of those might still be something, you may find interesting. And of course, we’d love to answer your questions so send them to

We enjoy writing about houses, almost as much as we like designing and working on them, but its just one man’s opinion.


Kip Carpenter, Leon’s 1st Certified-Aging-in-Place-Specialist
Carpenters Construction Co., Inc., 27th Year
Aurora Award Winner 2013 and
2 Remodeler Showcase Awards in both 2013 & 2014