A Carpenters Construction Company
P.O. Box 14194
Tallahassee, Florida  32317

Dear Kip:

Diane and I wanted to thank you, and offer a letter of recommendation for anyone considering your services in the future.  Being “local”, we are often asked for suggestions of various trades and services, and we are extremely careful with our recommendations.

Our recent experience with you and your company was simply outstanding.  Undertaking a complete remodeling/renovation of both bathrooms in a 1938 home is a scary and daunting task, but this didn’t faze you in the least.  From our initial meeting, you took our very basic ideas and formulated a comprehensive plan to accomplish what we really wanted.  The end results far surpassed our expectations, and the entire process was virtually “painless”!

All of the vendors that you steered us to were helpful, professional, and provided top-quality products (and installation when applicable).  I would use all of them again.  Similarly, all of your sub-contractors were of the highest quality, and great to work with.  One common thread that ran through our dealings with both vendors and trades folks was an unwavering respect and understanding of your high standards.  Cut corners?  No way, “Kip would never go along with that!”  As the homeowner, it was comforting to hear that type of comment consistently.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your Aging in Place certification, knowledge and experience.  Your foresight in blending these concepts into our design, delicately reminding us that we wouldn’t be young (we’re 60) forever, really made a huge difference in the final product.  And yet visitors do not even recognize that the remodeling will accommodate the changes we can anticipate in our abilities in the remaining 30+ years we plan to live here!

I could go on and on (as you know, I tend to be long-winded), but will just end with a big “Thank You” for all that you did for us.  A great improvement to our home, and a great investment.


David B. Chapman