There are many screen porches, with solid roofs, in the rear of homes.  There are many screen enclosures around pool areas.  This was the first time we’d seen a combination, solid roof over a porch and screen roof over a pool combined in the same time design.  The sheer size of the structure was impressive. From the rear of the home to the back of the stone wall behind the plants, measured 42′ and the overall pool area was about 50′ wide. An enclosed area of more than 2,000 SF.   Although we created the basic design for the renovation, this project involved a number of highly skilled and trained professionals plus collaboration with a local engineer and his team. When we were reviewing the existing construction and discovered the original structures were wood floor trusses used outside, it reminded us that we only thought we had seen everything in this business.  Certainly we had never seen anything like this sagging behemoth.

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