After we removed the appliances and the short 30” cabinets, we gave them to charity, we removed the east and south walls, to open this tiny kitchen up to the new design.  The walls we removed were on both sides of the two openings into the kitchen cave, which is what it looked like originally.  Of course, we still had to remove the remaining wallpaper, do a little re-framing of the ceilings to accommodate the new open plan, reconfigure A/C supply vents, add recessed and under cabinet lights and install a vent for the hood, which is now ducted out of the house, and not just into the attic.  The electrical was extensive, so most of the kitchen was simply stripped back to the studs.   This gave us the opportunity to replace the poor insulation job.

We relocated the range several feet over.  Although it’s hard to believe, the sink is still under the window, although it’s not the same window.  We replaced all the dark bronze aluminum windows in the house with new low-e glass, white, insulated vinyl windows.

The new 42” tall cabinets now go to the ceiling and the lighting is all LED, except for the large round ‘light’ in the ceiling, to the left of the kitchen table.  It’s actually not a light, but a sun tunnel.

The new appliances, ‘hands free’ kitchen sink faucet, wood flooring and the tile back splash with its deco line highlight, completed the transformation from a cramped ‘cave’ to a beautiful and open kitchen.

The room with the French doors looking into the kitchen is resident artist sun room, an addition we built to replace the old deck.

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