The kitchen had brown stained cabinets. It was an old, southern traditional kitchen. They are from Chicago and they wanted new, well-built, open and modern.

The challenge for opening it up was somewhat easy by removing the peninsula and replacing the workspace with the stainless steel table in the middle. Removing the soffit above the old upper cabinets helped a little. Replacing the dark countertops will make any kitchen look bigger. It was also more difficult because just removing the swinging door, between the kitchen and dining room, didn’t really open it up much.

Taking out the wall above the short hall and the door between the dining room and kitchen, on both sides, and reframing the pantry doors and laundry room door from standard size to 8″ tall, made a huge usual difference . With the crown mold and baseboards wrapped around the corners in this short hall, and new flooring which flows through it all, it did what we continually strive to achieve – making the renovation look like it had always been there.

Before Pictures

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