A professional who is accustomed to being in charge, she knew what she wanted and what she didn’t need, which was many upper cabinets.  When she told us she wanted to remove all the walls, we were momentarily engulfed in questions of structural issues, pipes and wires.   As you can see, we resolved those issues, and what a huge difference it made.   We negotiated the retention of the very narrow, full height wall on the corner of the kitchen, to house wiring; and replaced the floor-to-roof vent pipe with a studor valve, under the cabinets.

When the drain line for the sink didn’t line up with the retained wall, the cabinet man solved it by providing a false box acting as a chase.  The chase built behind the cabinets, made the cabinets appear to be on the same plane, and lined up with the wall.

The carpenters managed to reinforce the ceiling over the hood, allowing the wall to be completely removed, between kitchen and living room.

Access to the kitchen through the garage, allowed the dust wall to remain in place, separating the construction from most of the home.

The Owners entered through the front door so we positioned the dust barrier wall for them to pass between it and the fireplace into their screened porch; where they relocated the kitchen table and microwave, for meals.

Replacing wood flooring in the dining area, while we installed new tile in the kitchen and laundry room, made the newly integrated space appear as always being one, the hallmark of professional remodeling.  The TV, formerly located on the wall between the kitchen and family room, found a new home when mounted above the fireplace where it can now be seen in both the family room and kitchen.

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