Hire a Remodeling Contractor

The license it’s where you start looking, not where you stop. Most contractors are not Remodeling contractors. Check: their license at myflorida.com; their credit; their suppliers; their clients.

Before plans. Don’t just think it, INK it. Write down, the main reason.
Photos from magazines; Ideas on paper.  Can be a simple pencil sketch some place to start.

Plans: Get a professional & take time choosing the best one.  Some Remodeling contractors can do your design work, check them out.
Don’t buy plans from plan books.

Professional Remodeling: making it looks like it has ALWAYS
been there.  Seeing previous Before and After photos is a Must.

Permits: Your contractor will handle all permitting.  It’s his license and he is responsible for the job. RED FLAG if they ask you to do this.

Complexity The more complex the project, the smaller the field from which to choose must be, to protect the homeowner.

Quality: is what you don’t see so remember: Ceramic tile “Mud base”, Copper electrical wiring; Plywood on the roof not OSB.

Contractor Paperwork: Contract: binds the parties If you have doubts get legal advice; Waiver of Lien forms: ensure every one got paid; Specifications: The next two paragraphs are examples of the details;

Remodel the master bath which includes removing all plumbing fixtures, lighting, cabinets, ceramic tile and replacing almost all of it, while relocating most of it, within the same area.  The exceptions are, the toilet will be reused when relocated and the shower will be reconfigured and remodeled, but not relocated.   (In the plumbing section we didn’t include changing the handle and fill valve to brushed nickel, but it should have be shown.  We did change those to match)

Interior Doors

Most new interior doors will be the Owner’s choice of Bahama style with louvers on top and panel on bottom half; the door from the hall will be a 6 panel door, similar to the existing doors; all new doors will be paint grade, solid wood units, an upgrade to original proposed doors and which don’t match the existing doors; the only new doors will be in the suite for the bathroom, bedroom and three bi-hinged doors for the new closets.  The new door into the suite will be a solid core unit, for noise reduction.  The bathroom door will be a sliding door on over head track.

this is a spacer

Dust Control & Floor protection: protects your family’s health & your home.

Insurance: EVERYBODY who works on your home must be insured:
LIABILITY INSURANCE: If something breaks or they drive over or into something, someone has to pay. WORKERS COMPENSATION: If they get hurt working on your home, WHO PAYS?

NO NOs: Don’t set up any deliveries.  Don’t hire someone to do other work your home while you’re under contract. Don’t walk through during construction, it’s dangerous, and spreads dust.

Hire the right person: In the final analysis it always comes down to this,

The company and the work is only as good as the person who stands behind it.

Thank you for spending your time with us.

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