Green Building & Remodeling

Energy Efficient Homes in Harmony with the Environment *

This was only the second home built in Tallahassee, which was certified Green by the Florida Green Building Coalition. We built it for a wonderful couple, who wanted Green incorporated into their home as much as possible. They are a lot of fun. They spent the two Parade of Homes weekends (2008) with us, greeting and talking to people.

Everyone is jumping on the Green building bandwagon, and it’s certainly about time. Green building and energy efficiency really can’t be divided because it’s all about being efficient with the resources we have, whether they’re building materials or energy resources. The Florida Green Building Coalition has check lists available so anyone can incorporate green building practices and products in their home, whether remodeling or building new. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about green building, green builders, and green Remodelers so you can make your choices wisely. We hope this will be the same way you use the limited resources of our planet. Everyone should know Green buildings can be just as attractive as less efficient ones.

This was the first home built in Tallahassee, which was certified Green by the Florida Green Building Coalition. We built it for  a really great guy, who was referred to us because of our history of energy efficient construction and work with solar water heaters and photovoltaic.  This 2,100 SF house was built on a very narrow in-fill lot in town.  When he was interviewed in 2005 he was quoted as saying his average utility bill was $30-$40 per month (thirty to forty dollars a month is NOT a misprint).

* Energy Efficient homes in Harmony with the Environment

This was our first ad in yellow pages of the phone book, 1989.  A little ahead of the curve perhaps, but our values haven’t changed.  We still believe this is the way to build Custom Homes.

A long time ago, long before anyone called it GREEN I was studying, building and learning more and more about it.

Back in 1983-84 when I built my own home, it was oriented true sun south, the old fashioned way. We did this by driving stakes in the ground, on site, then plotting and measuring the shadows on the winter and summer solstice along with September and March.