Kitchens typically become dated every five to seven years… Carpenters Construction introduces dynamic new designs, products and functionality, which transform a dated kitchen into an beautiful exciting new living space.

While your initial goal might be to simply remodel your kitchen, the professionals at Carpenters Construction can show how to open up the kitchen to the rest of the home, expanding and enhancing overall livability.

A prime benefit of remodeling is upgrading to new, modern, and energy-efficient appliances… Carpenters Construction draws on its experience and product knowledge to offer you the best appliance options.

Some kitchen remodels encompass heating, cooling, air conditioning and water systems… Carpenters Construction has a proven track record of meeting even the most complex remodeling challenges.

To minimize the disruption to your lifestyle, Carpenters Construction coordinates the entire process in advance, then works expeditiously to meet the established timeline without sacrificing quality.

The Artist Vision

Gold Award Winner

It was a small, cramped, old, ugly and worn out kitchen.  So it all had to go, from the floor all the way to the ceiling, and half the walls too.  She’s an artist who envisioned what it could be, so we created it, and she decorated it. The kitchen was part of a whole house remodeling project.


Woman with a Dream

Gold Award Winner

A small galley kitchen from decades in the past with a 7′ ceiling , meets a woman with a DREAM.  She had been told the ceiling couldn’t be raised because of the pipes in the ceiling.  We raised the pipes, the wiring and installed a duct for the new hood.  Opened up the kitchen to the rest of the home with lots of help from great trade partners and a client with a vision.

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Remove my Kitchen Walls

Silver Award Winner

A professional who is accustomed to being in charge, she knew what she wanted and what she didn’t need, which was many upper cabinets.  When she told us she wanted to remove all the walls



Raise the Kitchen Ceiling, then start over

Gold Award Winner

This “New” kitchen was just part of a comprehensive whole house remodeling project, all of which became a classic, thanks to the selections the Owner made.


1964 Kitchen steps forward 50 Years

Gold Award Winner

This was one of the most complex kitchen remodeling projects we have done for several reasons:  The main water service, electrical service, gas water heater and air conditioning system were all either relocated or modified when we expanded the 1964 kitchen


Quaint old kitchen meets the Modern Era

It is hard to believe it is the same kitchen.   After rearranging a few appliances, this kitchen renovation was graced by a Owner who added a classic style to everything she touched.