Complex Projects

Most projects fall into basic categories: regular, typical remodeling, like most additions, decks, bathroom and kitchen renovations.

For instance, if you want to remodel your bathroom, you can gather a large group to get in line for the project.  This large group, whose experience varies, from the new home builder with nothing to do but wants to try remodeling, to the highly experienced professional Remodeler, who has produced top quality bathroom remodel projects for 10-20 years or more.

Then there are the projects which separate the average builder/Remodeler from the really experienced professional.

The projects in this section are the ones which don’t have very many takers and there is no group lining up . These are renovation, remodeling and repair projects which customers have trouble finding competent professionals who will even consider them.  These are the projects you’d better not tackle unless you’re up to the challenge and you really know what you’re doing.

Some might call these house problems or problems repairs, and although they are admittedly complex and complicated, our company policy has always been we don’t have ‘problems’, we solve challenges and design flaws.

Roof over the Pool

We were shocked when we first arrived at this project.  There was so MUCH of everything; so large from front to back, so wide from left to right, so high up.

But the most shocking part of the structure, was the sagging, and it was in such poor condition when we arrived.  I asked the Owner’s why they decided to hire us and they said because we were the only ones who didn’t run away.

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Create a Larger Kitchen and Add a Window 

These pictures show one kitchen, before and after we remodeled it.  It was one of the most complex kitchen remodeling projects one can possibly do.
The main water service, electrical service, gas water heater and air conditioning system were all either relocated or modified when we expanded the 1964 kitchen.



Replace the Flat Roof with a Gable Roof

The exterior and interior photos show the new gable roof and vaulted ceiling after the complicated renovation was completed.  When we arrived the roof was beyond repair and the Owner wanted to solve the basic design flaw of a flat roof.

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