W.M. “Kip” Carpenter

Kip Carpenter, Owner and President Carpeters Construction Co., Inc

Although my legal name is William, I’ve gone by the nickname Kip all my life. I’ve lived in Tallahassee since 1970. I grew up primarily in Jacksonville, FL.

A large part of the success of our company, can be attributed to the loyalty and friendship we have enjoyed, with many of our clients for more than 25 years. We’ve done multiple jobs for many of them and worked for many of their families and friends because of their strong recommendations. Their referrals provide the vast majority of the business which we enjoy today.

One of the things of which we’re proud of is the team we’ve been part of for many years. Melinda Gardner, our office manager, takes care of the office, almost all paperwork, handles the financials, and assists clients.  She has been a part of the group since about 1998.

Kip Carpenter

The picture above shows my daughter and I at the Aurora Awards, when we won the Award for Lori’s Beautiful Bathroom and received it at the Southeast Builders Conference in Orlando n 2013.

Our trade partners typically tend to be ones with which we established a long term, solid relationship of teamwork and cooperation. In addition, many members of the Tallahassee Builders Association are friends who we consider a great resource.

We’ve been active in the Tallahassee Builders Association for most of our career, where we continue to sit on the board of directors of the association. We have attended some (Florida Association of Home Builders) FHBA state meetings to represent our local association over the years.

Here’s some high points about who we are:

2014 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Best Kitchen $35,000-$75,000

2014 TBA Remodelers Showcase Silver Award: Best Bathroom $25,000-$50,000

2013 Aurora Award National Award: Remodeling: Bathroom over $50,000
‘Lori Beautiful Bathroom’

2013 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Best Bathroom $25,000-$50,000

2013 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Best Kitchen $35,000-$75,000

2013- We celebrate 25 years in business.

2008-2011- The recession. We decided not to participate in this activity. We paid our bills and continued the same business we’ve always had.  We did not submit any entries for awards during the depths of the recession 2009-2012.

2008- We celebrate 20 years as a licensed contractor. Completed the NAHB Certified Green Professional course. Built the second FGBC certified Green home in Tallahassee. This one was for the Parade of Homes.

2008 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Bathroom $25,000-$50,000

2008 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Kitchen $35,000-$75,000

2007- Helped start the TBA Green Building Council

2007 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Kitchen Greater than $75,000

2007 TBA Remodelers Showcase Gold Award: Detached Structures, Pool/Guest House,
Carriage House Greater than $75,000

2006- April 24 Florida Home Builders Association Person of the Week

2006 TBA Remodelers Showcase Award: Bathroom $25,000-$50,000

2006 TBA Remodelers Showcase Award: Creative Repair Under $35,000

2005– Inducted in the Tallahassee Builders Association Hall of Fame

2005- we built the first home in the Tallahassee area certified Green by the Florida Green Building Coalition. At this time, it is the only home of its type in this area.

2005 The Remodelers Showcase Awards 1st year. I spend a lot of time as the person who was primarily responsible for creating this award program. I felt it was extremely important that the program was based on blind judging. Therefore, the entries must be submitted to judges in other areas, using only numbers and not names on the submittals. There were a lot of entries that 1st year, and a lot of builders-remodelers won awards. But I didn’t win that year; ironic to say the least

2004– completed the 3 day CAPS (Certified Aging in Place) course, received it in 2005

1999-2000– President of Tallahassee Builders Association (TBA)

1999– Tallahassee Builders Association Builder of the Year

1997-98– Vice President of the Tallahassee Builders Association

Between 1997 and 2005- We built several homes incorporating photo voltaic systems. These systems employ solar panels which charge storage batteries that provide a portion of the home’s electricity.

1997- our Parade of Home entry won the electrical energy efficiency award that year.
This award was aided by inclusion of a solar water heater in Parade home. This was the first one in the state of Florida installed under the Florida Solar Energy Center’s “Something Free Under the Sun” program to help builders put solar water heaters in Parade of Homes houses. This was to help build awareness of the efficiency and availability of solar water heaters.

1996-97– Treasurer of the Tallahassee Builders Association

1995-96– Secretary of the Tallahassee Builders Association

1995- Chairman TBA Remodelers Council We celebrate 20 years as a licensed contractor

1994- Parade of Homes we built a home using PAAC, precision aireated autoclaved concrete. The brand was Hebel. These light weight, energy efficient blocks have long been used in Europe; then the product was brought into this country. This was another company and a process; which, although they were very good products for resource and energy conservation, were also somewhat ahead of their time. The company failed along with its competitor, Ytong, which made the same type product in a different configuration. The blocks, however, made a very solid, quiet, energy efficient home.

1991- Completed the Florida Solar Energy Center’s Energy Efficient Florida Home Building course.

1989– Our first yellow page listing was,
“Building Energy Efficient Homes in Harmony with the Environment”.

1988- First licensed as a residential contractor, founded the company

1983 until 1988, carpenter for various companies & individuals

1983-84– when I began to build my own home, at least the first part of it.   It was oriented true sun south, the old fashioned way.  We did this by driving stakes in the ground, on site, then plotting and measuring the shadows on the winter and summer solstice along with September and March.

Yes, we’re married with children.  Bachelors degrees from Florida State 1974 & Florida A&M 1977.

1956 I build my first building, which I made using rock for walls and scrap metal for the roof, when I was 6 years old. My Air Force dad was stationed, on the Azores Islands, at the time. The building didn’t have a building permit.

W.M. “Kip” Carpenter, CAPS