We’ve built additions onto clients’ homes since 1988. These are just a few photos to show you we can add it all, large or small. The home should look like the addition has always been there. In our opinion, that’s professional remodeling.  Isn’t that what you want when your project is completed?

Every addition is, by definition, also a remodeling project because the existing home has to be remodeled to some extent to accommodate the addition.

We had a house in the recent Parade of Homes. It was the first remodeled house in the Parade in 15 years.

Not only did we get an award, which requires, a score of at least 95% on all six judges scores, in any category, but our combined score was 99.9%.


Mother-in-Law Addition with new garage and expanded kitchen

Frequently we’ve been asked to add a number of rooms and renovate, modify and remodel part of the existing home at the same time.   In this project we created a mother-in-law suite incorporating Aging-in-Place senior modifications, built a garage, rebuilt the wall adjacent to it, removed a small galley kitchen, then built a large area where we created a new spacious kitchen and remodeled an existing bathroom, all at the same time. See More

Historical Preservation Addition

Gold Award Winner

Parade of Homes Winner

Historical Preservation is remodeling that is limited stylistically, on the exterior, to matching the period in which the home was built.  This home was built in 1941.  A flat roof porch, supported by 6”x6” posts, was later enclosed with block in 1965, and bore no resemblance to the original home.

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Outside Kitchen is part of garage and breezeway Addition

Gold Award Winner

This outside kitchen is only a portion of a multi-room addition including a 3 car garage, full sized bathroom, dumbwaiter lift to attic storage, and 3 large storage areas which together totals 3,200 Sf.   We built the original home for them seven years earlier, when he said we would add the garage and pool later.  Three years after this addition we added the dining room he said we would build.  He always did what he said he would do.

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Complete Exterior Facelift plus a new carport, fireplace and wrap around porch

Wait until you see what we started with, you’ll  be amazed.

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Two Story Redwood Addition with Garage and Breezeway.

The first phase was a large addition, which nearly doubled the size of the home, and a major interior remodeling project.  The small second floor bedroom was greatly expanded with a large dormer on the west side.  During the second phase a year later, we built the large garage with the breezeway connecting it to the original house, at the kitchen door.

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Family Room Addition

More often the addition is a simple expansion of the home to increase the living area.   The photo is the family room which was added.  The result – to the client’s delight – is that it’s almost impossible to distinguish on the exterior where the existing house ends and the addition begins.

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These are just a few samples of many home office, studio, family room, master suite, sun rooms, kitchen, bathroom and whole house additions we’ve designed and built.