Our very first projects as a newly minted Contractor were additions, first a master suite for one family, then a simple family room addition for another.  From our very first year we’ve always remodeled, added to homes and helped design the projects; even when we were building houses all the time. That’s why I’ll always consider myself a Remodeler first.

Every Remodeler is builder, but not every builder is a Remodeler

Compared to the knowledge it takes to build basic remodeling projects, building a new home on a concrete slab is relatively easy. That’s part of what we mean with the statement

Every Remodeler is builder, but not every builder is a Remodeler

You must be better than the average new home builder to successfully remodel existing homes. It takes a lot more of everything you look for as a home owner when you want to hire someone.   It involves more planning, more experience, more study, more knowledge of construction techniques from the past, as well as the present, to successfully create remodeling projects of which we all can be proud.

We’ve built millions of dollars’ worth of remodeling projects over the years. These projects were chosen for several reasons; to show our skills and also to show our serious commitment to a final product, which should look like it’s always been there, which is what you want for your home.

With more than 30 years in construction and almost that many as a Contractor, and because of our wealth of experience, plus the vast number of projects we’ve completed over the years, we’ve separated them into categories.

Please look at the type of project you’re considering or review all of them. Some projects photograph better than others and some Owner make selections and select things with ‘Wow’ factors which just have to be shown.  All the pictures are something we actually built, and most likely helped to design.

Remember, regardless of what anyone suggests about what to do, who to hire or what to include,  your remodeling project is all about YOU. Let us help make your home special, for YOU.

William “Kip” Carpenter
Carpenters Construction Co., Inc.
Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)
Construction Industry Professional (CIP)
Certified Green Building Professional (CGP)

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