RSA 2021 Kitchen Remodel $42-$85,000

The client loved the location of the home when she bought it, but not the dark, closed off and cramped kitchen. The eat-at countertop was too small and hardly useable. Plus, it wasn’t easily accessible, because you’d go out the kitchen entrance and walk all the way around the kitchen, just to sit down.

She asked if we could expand the area while we opened up the kitchen.

Similar to many kitchens of the era, this one had a dropped ceiling and soffits built down from the flat ceiling over short cabinets.  It also appeared the side wall of the kitchen bore a load. However, upon further review, an attic inspection revealed no load was on this wall, except the ceiling joists which created the low flat ceiling.  We still took out the ceiling joists carefully, in case we were missing something, and looked above the kitchen side wall before removing it.

After opening up the area we, relocated the ducts and exhaust, added the new lighting, and put in the two 20” sun tunnels which added a ton of light without much added heat.  We relocated the laundry equipment out of the kitchen closet converting it to a pantry.

The island needed power so we had to cut a trench in the concrete from the exterior wall.

She was out of town during all the work and was stunned, happily, when she walked in the door after being gone five months.

Before Pictures

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